NRP Certification


The Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) prepares students on managing and prioritizing care for a newborn with complications. This course highly emphasizes the importance of team-based resuscitation.

NRP has been reformatted to utilize a BLENDED LEARNING format which involves an online portion and an in-person instructor-led portion. Students are required to:

Complete the NRP 7TH EDITION PROVIDER ONLINE PART 1. This includes the online written exam and eSim cases (required). Students must bring the Completion Certificate to class in order to participate in the instructor-led portion.

Attend the NRP 7TH EDITION PROVIDER INSTRUCTOR-LED COURSE PART 2. Students must attend the instructor-led portion within 30 days of completing the online portion.

NRP no longer provides a distinction between certification and renewal. All students will take the online portion and then participate in the same activities at the NRP 7th Edition Provider Instructor-Led Course Part 2. However, participation will be tailored to the experience of the student.

In order to complete the online portion, students will need to purchase or have access to the NRP 7th Edition textbook. Our students tell us that this is very important.

Students will receive 11 Continuing Education (CE) credits.


The instructor-led portion is a NO STRESS learning time designed to learn/refresh skills of neonatal resuscitation and is not considered a pass/fail session.

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