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BLS vs First Aid Course: What is the Difference Between First Aid and Basic Life Support?

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Knowing BLS vs first aid is important in conducting vital emergency responses to victims as these 2 are different.

In this blog post: BLS certification vs first aid, we will be discussing what is bls, does BLS include first aid, is bls the same as first aid, and the difference between First Aid and BLS course.

Many people would ask, is BLS and first aid the same thing or is BLS the same as CPR and first aid, and would want to benefit from taking a CPR course, but most don’t even know what it is. You might need CPR and first aid when an inactive person develops risks of diseases or has a sudden cardio attack.

We will also discuss the benefits of getting your first aid training certificate renewed so that you can have peace of mind in case an emergency arises.


BLS vs First Aid: Key Differences

Emergencies can happen at any time and in any place, whether it’s a workplace, a public setting, or even at home. In such situations, having the necessary skills to provide immediate assistance can be the difference between life and death.

While both BLS and First Aid are aimed at providing initial care to individuals in need, they differ in several aspects.

The key differences between BLS vs first aid training are:

  • BLS focuses only on cardiac emergencies while first aid covers a wider range of injuries and illnesses
  • BLS certification requires hands-on CPR skills demonstration and testing whereas first aid ensures basic injury treatment knowledge
  • BLS is for medical professionals likely to encounter cardiac arrest at work; first aid certification ensures general emergency response training


What is the difference between First Aid Certification vs BLS Training Course?

The difference between BLS and first aid is that a First Aid Training Course is a course that teaches you how to respond to emergencies like a heart attack, drowning, poisoning, trauma, or broken bones.

BLS stands for basic life support and is a course you take that teaches CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) used when a person has gone into cardiac arrest or is not breathing and needs assistance with their airway.


Does Basic Life Support Include First Aid?

Aside from the difference in BLS vs first aid, many would ask, does BLS cover first aid or is BLS first aid? Yes, basic life support and first aid include chest compressions, rescue breathing, and how to use AED or automated external defibrillation if one becomes available during an emergency.


Who should take a First Aid Training Course?

Anyone can benefit from taking a First Aid Training Course, but this type of training is needed for most first responders. Some professions require first aid certification, so it is essential to get your CPR training card for these jobs or careers. These include, but are not limited to: doctors, nurses, medical students/interns, paramedics and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians), lifeguards, and fitness instructors.


What is the difference between BLS and First Aid Course Takers?

If you are a parent or caregiver for someone who requires assistance in case of an emergency and wants to know the difference between bls vs first aid course, knowing first aid first then BLS can benefit both yourself and the person needing help.

Seniors with limited mobility should also consider taking First Aid Training Courses to provide them peace of mind when emergencies arise.


Why do you need to have a CPR certification card?

A CPR Certification card guarantees that you know how to perform CPR when needed, especially when an emergency arises. This will help keep your employees safe and healthy at work, important for company morale and productivity. These are some of the reasons why more companies are requiring CPR training in their workplace safety programs today.


How often do you need to renew your CPR certification card?

CPR certification cards can be renewed every two years and are required when applying for certain jobs or careers in the medical field. In addition, employers require individuals to have their First Aid Training Course certificate up to date before they hire them. It shows how dedicated you are to providing excellent customer service and staying current with your education.


When should I get my first aid training certificate renewed?

First aid training certificate should be renewed at least every two years or when you are offered a new job opportunity that requires it. It is highly recommended to renew your first aid certification card simultaneously with CPR because these certifications go hand in hand and offer an equal amount of knowledge to assist patients during emergencies.


What are the benefits of getting your first aid training certificate renewed?

There are many benefits to getting your first aid certification renewed. The biggest benefit is that you will stay up-to-date with the latest changes and advances in patient care, which could help save a life. Your knowledge of proper procedures may also decrease liability during an emergency if something goes wrong while assisting a patient.


BLS vs First Aid Training Courses

Knowing the BLS vs first aid difference truly gives you an advantage. If you are looking for First Aid Training or BLS Certification Courses in your area, Elite Medical Training offers classes!

Visit our site or give us a call at 888-713-0455 to book your class today!

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