A quick guide to CE Requirement

California requires all nurses to complete the CE (Continuing Education) requirement consisting of 30 hours of course material every two years. This guide takes a closer look at California CE care requirements.

What they are, why they are important to all nurses in California, and what courses they run.

What are the CE requirements for California nurses and who must meet these requirements?

It is important for all nurses to keep their knowledge and skills as health professionals up to date so they can continue to provide the best possible care. For this reason, all states require nurses to complete continuing education requirements on set schedules. In California, the California Code of Regulations, Section 1451, Article 5 requires all registered nurses to complete her 30 hours of continuing education every two years in order for her license to remain valid.

These CE requirements apply to all caregivers. Only in certain cases and for certain periods will a nurse be exempt from her CE compliance. These cases include manifest difficulties lasting more than a year (e.g., physical disability or disability of a loved one), nursing positions abroad or outside the United States through federal agencies, or applying for an inactivity permit.

What are acceptable CE Courses?

It’s time to discuss how the nursing CE requirements in California can be met now that they have been outlined. Nursing professionals are required by state law to complete 30 contact hours of continuing education every two years. There are various methods to fill those hours.

To begin with, every course for continuing education needs to have some connection to nursing. The same breadth of topics covered by the nursing field is reflected in the breadth of categories for continuing education courses. It is permitted to pursue continuing education in the physical, behavioral, and social sciences after taking courses that are related to the scientific knowledge required in nursing. The same is true for any course that deals with patient behavior or wellbeing and can be used to meet continuing education needs. Human sexuality, grief management, second languages, nursing management, administration, and education are some other topics covered in continuing education.

Where can I take CE Courses?

You can take CE courses in a variety of locations to satisfy California’s nursing CE requirements. Any topic that is not included in a college course or workshop can be used to fulfill CE requirements. Only courses provided by approved universities can be used to earn CE hours. Finally, completing some life-saving certification courses provided by recognized providers can earn you CE credits. Please take note that the Board of Registered Nursing must approve all courses.