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Situated in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, the Skirball Cultural Center is a beacon of cultural diversity. It fosters understanding and appreciation through its engaging exhibitions, educational programs, and community events. Information can be found here.

Celebrating Jewish Heritage:

The Skirball Cultural Center celebrates and preserves Jewish heritage and culture through its permanent and rotating exhibitions, showcasing artifacts, artworks, and interactive displays that explore the rich history and traditions of the Jewish people. See here for information about San Vicente Mountain Park: A Natural Oasis in Los Angeles.

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Promoting American Democracy:

In addition to its focus on Jewish culture, the Skirball Cultural Center is dedicated to promoting the ideals of American democracy and social justice. Through exhibitions and programming, the center examines issues of civil rights, immigration, and religious freedom, encouraging dialogue and reflection on the values that shape American society.

Educational Initiatives:

The Skirball Cultural Center offers a wide range of educational initiatives for learners of all ages, including school tours, workshops, and lectures. 

Cultural Events and Performances:

Throughout the year, the Skirball Cultural Center hosts a variety of cultural events, including concerts, film screenings, and festivals, showcasing the talents of artists from diverse backgrounds and offering opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and celebration.

Community Engagement and Outreach:

As a hub for cultural enrichment and social engagement, the Skirball Cultural Center actively engages with the surrounding community through outreach programs, partnerships, and collaborative initiatives, demonstrating its commitment to inclusivity and dialogue across differences.


The Skirball Cultural Center stands as a dynamic cultural institution dedicated to fostering understanding, promoting dialogue, and enriching the lives of individuals and communities through its celebration of Jewish heritage and commitment to the principles of American democracy.