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CPR/AED & First Aid Training – Turlock, CA

CPR/AED & First Aid Training in Turlock, CA

Typically led by CPR-certified instructors who use a combination of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on practice, and sometimes simulations to teach the necessary skills, the CPR/AED & First Aid training will teach how to evaluate an injured or ill person’s condition, provide basic wound care, control bleeding, immobilize fractures, and manage respiratory or cardiac emergencies.

During the CPR/AED class, students learn techniques for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation involving chest compressions, rescue breaths to restore blood circulation & oxygenation in a person whose heart has stopped, and the proper use of a first aid kit.

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CPR/AED & First Aid certification course teaches individuals how to respond effectively in emergencies, providing immediate care to those who are injured or experiencing a medical crisis.

Students will also learn how to operate an automated external defibrillator device that delivers an electric shock to restore the heart’s normal rhythm in cases of cardiac arrest.

Early intervention in CPR is crucial for improving survival chances during cardiac arrest. It buys time, provides oxygen to vital organs, and increases the chances of a positive outcome.

Starting CPR early sustains blood flow and oxygenation to the brain, reducing the risk of permanent brain damage. Each minute without CPR decreases survival chances by 7-10%.

Until advanced medical help arrives, performing CPR before and after defibrillation increases the effectiveness of restoring a normal heart rhythm.

This course meets CPR requirements for jobs such as California Teachers, CIF Coaches, Foster Parents, and Fitness Employees.

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