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Xanthelasma is not a simple skin disease

female in her 30s going to a clinic to have her xanthelasma skin disease consulted and treated by expert doctors
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If you have bumpy yellow patches in the inner corners of your eyelids or around your eyes, you may have a condition known as xanthomas of the eyelids (XP).

Xanthoderma is a soft, yellowish fatty deposit that forms under the skin. It is not harmful, but in rare cases can be an indicator of possible heart disease. Therefore, it is recommended to have it examined by a doctor or dermatologist.

What are the risk factors?

  • You’re an Asian or Mediterranean descent woman between the ages of 30-50
  • A Smoker
  • Obese
  • Have high blood pressure
  • You are diabetic
  • Your lipid levels are high

How is it diagnosed?

Doctors can visually diagnose XP by examining the skin around the eyes. Your doctor may order a series of lipid profiles to determine if your lipid levels are causing your symptoms.

To test your lipid levels, your doctor will take a blood sample and send the blood to a lab for testing.In most cases, you should have results within a week.

How is it treated?

  • Cryotherapy
  • Laser surgery
  • Traditional surgery
  • Radiofrequency advanced electrolysis (RAF)
  • Chemical Peels
  • Medication

Xanthelasma may reappear after the treatment.

Xanthelasma removal is considered a cosmetic procedure. This means that your health insurance probably won’t cover your treatment.Surgery and cryotherapy can cost thousands of dollars.

Xanthelasma is usually harmless, but it can be a sign of underlying problems with your lipid levels. It can also be an early warning sign of heart disease. If you notice fat deposits around your eyes, see your doctor to find out what the underlying condition is. Some treatments are not covered by insurance. Therefore, discuss all options with your doctor and make sure you are aware of all costs before starting treatment.

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